What is the Digit Defender?

KOLO News Channel 8 “Digit-Defender-Aims-to-Decrease-Child-Finger-Injuries”

The New Automatic Door Stopper Your Kids Can Count On!

Digit Defender is a safety device that prevents fingers from being crushed or severed by a slamming door.

What Does it Do?

Digit Defender is a securely mounted, self-resetting door stop that greatly reduces door-slam injuries and the trauma they can cause.Once installed, gravity resets the Digit Defender every time the door is opened, thus preventing it from slamming shut on small fingers. Digit Defender can be self-installed on any standard door, preventing the unnecessary physical and emotional suffering a child would have to endure had their fingers been severely injured or even severed by a slamming door.

Digit Defender helps children avoid a lifetime of difficulties caused by the needless occurrence of having their fingers slammed in a door.

Digit Defender helps children retain their digits!